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RewardJet helps you attract and retain the best employees by delivering your team big-time perks, huge savings, and groundbreaking benefits. Try RewardJet for free and see why thousands of people are putting RewardJet to work for themselves and their business.

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With RewardJet, you and your employees can save thousands of dollars a year on the products and services you use every day. We offer great discounts at CVS, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and many other top retailers.

You can create a completely custom benefits site instantly. Choose the color, the logo and the messaging. You have complete control over what benefits and perks your employees have access to. You can even create a custom name and URL for your site.

Hundreds of deals on brands and  servicesyou use every day like Amazon, CVS, Target, and more!
Truly innovative health plans, including savings on prescriptions, starting at only $11.95 a month!
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Retirement plans that are super easy to set-up and very affordable.
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Running a restaurant or bar is hard. Attracting and retaining good employees shouldn't be. RewardJet gives you the firepower of a big business when it comes to taking care of your people. We have great health and retirement benefits that are actually affordable. We’ve negotiated  fantastic discounts with top retailers like Amazon and CVS, where your employees can save money every day on what they need. With us, you can provide your team great education and wellness benefits, and discounts on entertainment, travel and more.  Plus on RewardJet you can market your business for free. For most small businesses, we are the cost of a cup of coffee a week.  There is simply no better way to positively impact your business for less money than RewardJet.

You and your employees can save thousands of dollars a year.
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No credit card necessary

"I never thought I could afford to give my staff these kinds of benefits. It's made all the difference in the world to my business."

Noel Cruz, Chef and Owner
Ichicoro Ramen, Ichicoro I
Ichicoro Ane and c. 1949
Tampa, Florida

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